Crisal Glass is a tableware producer, who is part of the Libbey Group. Crisal is the only of a kind in Portugal.

Our premises are located in the Industrial area of Marinha Grande, a well-known area for glass producers. Crisal has the capacity of producing 120 millions pieces per year.

Our factory works with two furnaces which have melting total capacity of 160 ton/day; this two furnaces feed 8 productions lines of press, press and blow, which allows Crisal to have a high capacity in what concerns to the molding process, providing to our Clients a large diversity and availability of products (tumblers, mugs, stemware, candle containers and glass tabletop accessories), with competitive costs versus our competitors.

The continuous improvement on the Quality of our products has always been the top priority for Crisal. Therefore, we focus ourselves on the optimization of the existing technologies and in the development of new ones.

The Certificates number 1996/CEP.408 and 0866-MID-2007/CE.0072, certifies that the Quality System of Crisal Cristalaria Automática, SA is inserted on the conception, production and commercialization of common glass articles of domestic use, through the automatic process, guided by the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Norm - Quality Management and H Module – Conformity Declaration based on the total guaranteed quality, according to the 2004/22/CE Guideline passed to the nº 71/2011 Decree of June 16.

It is our Vision to become the premier provider of tabletop glassware and related products worldwide.

Our Mission is creating value by delivering quality products, great service and strong financial results through the power of our people worldwide, having into account our values: Customer Focus, Performance, Continuous Improvement, Respect, Teamwork, Development.

Crisal exports around over 100 countries on the 5 continents.